Hello and welcome to our new blog!

If you’ve found your way here I imagine you’ll have some idea about who we are and what we do, but for those of you who don’t I’ll explain what we’re all about in this…..our first ever blog post!

Many thanks to Alastair at strangerpixel and his team for creating what we think is a very good looking blog.

Considering how busy we are and how much fun and interesting stuff goes on at our three locations every day we thought it’d be good to record things in an informative, light-hearted way.

After starting out twenty five years ago with a small furniture shop in the Angel selling 1900-1940’s furniture we have evolved over the years into a location company, hiring out 20,000 sq/ft of our unique spaces on a daily basis for all sorts of weird and wonderful things. While we still sell a little bit of furniture online our prop hire service is the one that keeps us on our toes, coming with the added benefit of not having to lose all the little gems we’ve accumulated over the years!

“A Sense of Grace” by Mario Testino for British Vogue

Here at Castle Gibson we like people to appreciate the beauty and character in age-old pieces which have stood the test of time (we were recycling furniture well before the current green revolution!).

If you were to summarise what we’re about we’d like to think our style as unique and eclectic. Good quality, interesting pieces with history and charm are what catches our eye and we go as far as Europe and America to find them, as well as the industrial heartland of good ol’ Blighty of course. We like to adhere to the age-old saying that opposites attract so we mix the decayed with the decadent and the shabby with the chic. We find beauty in the contrasting image of a sophisticated English chesterfield set against a dilapidated, peeling wall. Throw in some original 1920’s Las Vegas signs, a few vintage baby Vespas and a couple of aeroplane ejector seats. Think English gentlemen’s club mixed with an Old Town Vegas circus complimented by a wonderfully worn, textured wall.

Easy to visualise? Hell no, but they seem to go together in a funny kind of way!

Every day we have different crews coming in, setting things up in their own creative style and producing some of the most beautiful scenes imaginable. Our three locations; The Depository, The House Next Door (to The Depository funnily enough!) and MC Motors have played host to some of the worlds leading cultural icons. Mario Testino and Steven Meisel are among the hundreds of fashion photographers who have shot against our dilapidated walls. Models including Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova have seduced the lens (and half our staff!) by strutting their stuff in or buildings. Boyzone, Pixie Lott and Duffy are amongst many who have recorded number one music promos at our spaces.

On top of all this we’ve hosted weddings, parties, exhibitions and product launches as well as providing furniture and interior design to many a London shop, bar and restaurant.

So all in all we reckon there’s enough going on to make an interesting weekly blog so check the rest of the site out (if you haven’t already) and come back to visit us next week!

itvHD by Tim Bret-Day

itvHD by Tim Bret-Day

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