Beth Graham Collection

We recently had the girls from Hub, our favourite local store, in to photograph their new collection for in-house label Beth Graham. Their 2010 winter collection draws its inspiration from classic 70s British glamour with their combinations of silks, tweed and corduroy coupled with mother of pearl and fine leather. Playing with a sumptuous palette of dusky rose, mushroom, ocre and peat (tones which suit the shades of The House Next Door perfectly!) the collection echoes of faded decadence.

Hub’s two boutiques (one male and one female funnily enough) have a fantastic selection of good quality, cherry-picked clothing and accessories. For the men (of which I can personally vouch) they have the smart-casual look sussed to a tee!

If you’re in the north/east London area it’s well worth making your way to 49 and 88 Stoke Newington Church Street and checking them out!

Many thanks to photographer Simon Wisbey and the girls for letting us use their fantastic images.

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