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Britney Spears “Criminal” Video

MC Motors recently played host to part of the video to the new Britney Spears video “Criminal” directed by Chris Marrs Pilliero. Set to a Bonnie and Clyde style storyline featuring sex, blood and violence and a gun wielding Britney fleeing Stoke Newington Town Hall the video seems a long way from her more “innocent” early days.

The production was filmed at a number of UK locations including a country house in Surrey, a newsagents in Ealing, Stoke Newington Town Hall and our warehouse and the alleyway outside. Britney’s bedroom in the scene is set against our cream safety deposit boxes and a temporary shower was erected in the main room. The police are seen running on our bridge connecting to Ruby House and the cars pull up on the alleyway outside on Millers Avenue. Luckily none of the warehouse was damaged in any of the gun battles.

Be warned that the video has been give an 18+ rating!