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Christmas at Castle Gibson

This holiday season we are thrilled to host Mange’s Christmas at Castle Gibson. Known for their beautiful and inventive food, Mange have put together a series of simple, all inclusive, delicious packages containing wines, cocktails, and and delectable treats. With three different dining styles to choose from, there are options catering to everyones interests. Whether it’s a lunch or dinner at MC Motors or lunch at the Depositories, each will be a unique and immersive experience. From the smell of the food to the look of the industrial venue, you are sure to indulge every sense.Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 14.09.26

Pitching in the Real ‘Den’


Back in December, we hosted a very constructive event for young people to come and take part in the London Region’s Pitching Challenge. Students from different schools around the community came together to pitch their ideas to the ‘dragons’ on how to make a difference to social problems around the world, on the original Dragons Den set. This event really gave the students a chance to see what it would be like, pitching in the real world of work. They received constructive criticism, put themselves forward, and had fun. It was wonderful getting to see so many young talented minds, come together and bravely, and professionally put their ideas forward to the panel, and convince the ‘dragons’ to invest in their ideas, to eventually work towards making a difference in the world.

Please check out the link down below to get a better view of the awesome challenge that took place! We hope to get the opportunity to see you all again next year!