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Blisters 2017

It was an incredible turnout at Print Clubs Blisters 2017 event at MC Motors. With 50 prints from 50 artists, queues were out the door with people thrilled to get their hands on their favourite print! From Ruby’s Bar and Lounge working the bar, to the chance to create your very own screen print and get your hands on some exceptional art, it was a fantastic party for everyone involved! Congratulations to all the artists and a huge thank you to everyone who came along!

David Bailey x Valentino 17/18 Campaign

Returning back to his East London roots, David Bailey came to MC Motors to photograph the 2017/18 Valentino campaign shoot. Like something out of the past, Bailey made a simple, yet unique set, utilising all the antique signs and props to create a visually pleasing photo, filled with many colours and textures. Almost like stepping back into The Beatles era, the models rocked the boy band look as they posed in a modern twist of vintage punk apparel. It’s always a pleasure to have such a talented character back at MC Motors for such a fun and gorgeous shoot! e14a8ccb-8f17-4870-a7d1-3a53029b5f17 a6f00910-c844-4948-805f-4bcb65d3e2cd 21f0382b-4ee5-4b1d-9a07-9a0853e309a4 e0007bd6-2ae0-4eb8-a992-2c5469c068bb 29c39f46-7374-4ed5-93fe-0cb6a3036422

Philip Mould & Company

We were very thrilled to have Philip Mould come to our House Next Door and have Simon Bevan shoot artworks dating back to the 16th century! It was a new and stunning experience and the photos turned out absolutely remarkable! Do checkout the Philip Mould & Company catalogue featuring these artworks and more!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.20.32 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.21.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.22.52 PM

Vogue Sposa March 2011

Here are some beautiful pictures in the March 2011 edition of Vogue Sposa shot at The House Next Door. The quarterly Italian magazine by Conde Nast concentrates on mixing all things wedding with all things style. These vintage themed pics by Wendy Bevan certainly fit that category!

Restraint by Fleet Ilya

Fleet Ilya recently took over our brand new Dalston location for the weekend to host a pop-up shop featuring examples of next years collection. The Hackney based boutique leather brand had gone into collaboration with world renown photographer Rankin fusing his iconic photography with their fetishistic style exemplified through the exhibition “Restraint by Fleet Ilya”. Prints and projections of model Sophie Willing and Jethro Cave wearing strategically placed Fleet Ilya products were on display, prostate tactfully woven into the natural character of our five storey Stoke Newington Road property.

Also on display was a 10ft leather horse made out of dozens of intricately cut pieces of leather which had been jig-sawed together and had arrived via a stint at Dover Street Market. The friday night saw the launch with a bar and DJ set up in our basement whilst a violinist and animal-faced operatic dancer serenaded guests upstairs. The top floor was reserved as an interactive role-play experience for certain attendees as they were summoned by a dominatrix onto a gothic bed in a balloon-filled room for their “special treat”. The less said of that the better.

The shop was open for the rest of the weekend giving a chance for Susie at Style Bubble to come down and write a very complimentary review while the sunday saw the return of the scantily-clad operatic dancer in our shop window enticing curious passers-by as well as somewhat bemused neighbouring cabbies!

It was also the first time we had managed to put our new cinematic front sign to use and we were delighted to see it in all its glory featured on the Vogue Italia website!

Many thanks to Tobias Radcliffe for the use of these great images.

The Genius of British Art

This season Channel 4 have been celebrating the way in which art has shaped and forged Britain and it’s identity with its “Genius of British Art” series. Narrated by cultural icons such as David Starkey and John Snow the weekly series has been run in conjunction with The National Gallery as part of their Friday Lates programme. Each week a chosen presenter has delved into a specialist theme on how art has influenced British culture and helped nurture our national psyche. Beginning during the reign of Henry VIII and ending with the YBA era of Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst the landmark series spans half a millenia baring witness to unprecedented shifts in attitudes and values.

The shows present us with some classic dinner table fodder such as David Starkey’s comparison between Hans Holbein and Mario Testino (and their portraits of Henry VIII and Princess Diana respectively) as well as recent Booker prize winner Howard Jacobsen challenging the cultural assumption of the “Victorian prude” with his exposé of an erotic underbelly of provocative, sexual art (though with a moral conscience of course!).

We managed to have all 6 national treasures at MC Motors for the publicity shots by Jude Edgington. Below is a synopsis of all six episodes of which you can watch any by following this link through to the 4oD website.

Episode 1 “Power and Personality”
Historian Dr David Starkey examines how royal portraiture from Henry VIII to Princess Diana has had an enduring influence on the iconic power of personality.

Episode 2 “Art for the People”
Dr Gus Casely-Hayford shows how our sense of identity was changed forever by the most distinctively British artist this country has ever produced: William Hogarth.

Episode 3 “Flesh”
Writer Howard Jacobson celebrates the way British artists depict sex and desire, and argues that the most compelling expression is to be found where we might least expect it: in the art of the Victorians.

Episode 4 “Visions of England”
At a time when Britain’s contemporary art world has been dominated by the ‘Sensation’ generation of Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, it’s easy to dismiss English landscape art as nothing more than tea towel culture. That would be a big mistake, argues Sir Roy Strong.

Episode 5 “Modern Times”
Modern Art has made us who we are and it has certainly made Janet Street Porter who she is. Beginning in the stifling 1950s, Janet revisits her teenage years to show how modern art has been at the forefront of social and cultural changes, which define Britain today.

Episode 6 “The Art of War”
Former war reporter Jon Snow presents a timely reminder of how British artists have expressed and defined our response to the horror of war and, in the process, have triggered a debate about the role of art in British life. As the grandson of a First World War general, it’s a story with a personal resonance for Jon.

Blisters Blackout 2010

Here’s the brand new flyer for Print Club London’s December exhibition at MC Motors. Following on from the success of “Secret Blisters” and “Blisters on my Fingers” our Millers Avenue neighbours will be taking over the place again for a whole weekend beginning with their December 3rd friday night launch (unmissable for those in the know…)

This year there’s a spooky glow in the dark theme to proceedings and with names such as Eine and Pure Evil on the bill plus free entry all weekend there’s no excuse for not dropping by!

“ART FOR SALE , Up-and-coming talent and the big-name artists that you don’t need to save up for “ ELLE MAGAZINE, OCT 10


This year, there will be 40 exhibiting artists, 40 editioned and signed silk screen prints by each, selling for £40 a pop.

Entrants had to include a glow-in-the-dark element to the designs – as MC Motors will be plunged into darkness at various points during the opening night so the assembled can see the posters a-glowing.

Street Artist Ben Eine famous for his letters on shuttering now spreading worldwide, and a favourite artist of David Cameron who gifted Eines work to President Obama, will be signing his prints live on the opening night!

Whilst old schooler Jamie Reid is also taking part, famous for his Sex Pistols album cover “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” and once described by Sean O’Hagan of The Observer as “the single most iconic image of the punk era”, Reid has produced a print for the show.


The Twins

Here’s some great images of the striking identical twins Phoebe and Lydia Sorrel Lake taken by our in-house photographer Molly Gibson. The sisters appeared last year as part of Damien Hirst’s “Pop Life” exhibition at the Tate Modern and are currently studying art themselves at Central St. Martins.

The pics also shows a sneak preview of our soon-to-be-unveiled fourth location, a 120 year old building spanning 5 floors which most recently existed as a Chinese takeaway. Sound interesting?

Keep your eyes peeled for more info…..

Blisters Blackout

This December we will be hosting the annual “Blisters” exhibition run by our friends at Print Club London. It’s always a fun-filled weekend with the friday night opening fast becoming a thing of legend and a staple part of East London’s social diary.

This year they’re playing on the winter theme with all prints having to contain a glow in the dark element.

Past exhibitors have included Pure Evil, Jon Burgerman and Eine, with the latter recently gaining notoriety as President Obama’s favourite screen printer.

For any artists interested in exhibiting part of the brief is attached below and go to the Print Club website for more info.

For everyone else we’ll be in contact nearer the time with full details of this not-to-be missed event!

40 Illustrators. 40 Edition and hand signed prints. 40 Pounds each.

We are bringing together a mixture of established and emerging illustrators for BLISTERS BLACKOUT a winter feast of hand pulled, screen printed posters.

This year we are asking every one to add a ‘glow in the dark’ element to their poster design. We will be ‘Blacking Out’ the venue at points during the opening night so your posters can really GLOW!

The brief is open, to allow artists to develop their own work within the format of a B2 screen-printed poster. Each design will be printed as an edition of 40, produced by the artist.
Poster size: B2 (500 x 700mm)

Down a small back alley in Dalston lies a magical warehouse that has housed our renowned ‘Blisters’ poster shows, and is again this years venue for Blackout Blisters. Previous Blisters shows have attracted 1400 visitors with sales of over 800 prints on the opening night!

How to Submit:
Please send us your poster design:

Closing date for submissions: 30th September